What Can I Expect

What can I expect to happen in NOVAPSY initial evaluation?

NOVAPSY initial evaluation range from 45- to 90-minute depending on the practitioner that you will be seeing, the initial evaluation will be focused on your history to help us evaluate and identify how to help you feel and do your best.

Most pertinent questions for first-time patients are in realm of: Significant events in your life that have contributed to the issue(s) that motivated to you seek us out, what are your treatment goals, emotions and/or behaviors affected by the issue(s) at hand. Questions which pertain to past psychiatric include: The medication name and reason why it was initiated, its dosage, its beneficial effects, its possible side effects if any, duration of time the medication was continued and if it was stopped then, why?

Should I see a psychologist or psychiatrist?

A practical difference between a psychologist and psychiatrist is that a psychiatrist can prescribe medication and a psychologist cannot. Psychologists’ treatments pertain to psychotherapy and psychiatrist focus more on medication management (though they practice psychotherapy as well). Many patients appreciate the ability to explore both options under one roof, we will be happy to discuss your needs and challenges to figure out what sort of treatment plan will work for you.

When and why does NOVAPSY recommend medication? What if I don’t to be prescribed a medication?

The practitioner working with you at NOVAPSY will not make you take medication if you are not agreeable. We will discuss all treatment options including medication and non-medication treatments. If your practitioner does recommend a medication, we will discuss the risks and benefits of the medication carefully, and you will decide whether you think it is a good choice for you. Some of the considerations that are in play when we recommend medications are that the possibility of it being likely to help, likely to improve results of psychotherapy, be the most cost effective modality of treatment.